Mr Hawke is as awesome as you are. Deep down, we’ve all had that nagging doubt that we’re faking it and not good enough. But rarely do we need to go that deep. Closer to the surface is the firm knowledge that we’re awesome. Every man knows that contained within his spectacular specimen is untapped genius, talent, skill and the potential to be a triple threat at whatever he decides to lend his hand to. Mr Hawke doesn’t judge you or change you, we just want your hair to be as awesome as you are.

Who's it for?

Guys who want great hair. If that's you then congrats, you're in the right place.

Why do dudes love it?

It works everytime

It doesn't matter what kind of hair you have, you can make it look better with Mr Hawke; and even better it's still remouldable through the day.

It helps your hair

Applying at the scalp and through the hair allows Mr Hawke Rescue Formula to help regrowth, repair damage and lock in moisture.

It smells f'in fantastic

Working with a master perfumer is cool. It also means Mr Hawke smells unique, with hints of tobacco, leather and randomly diesel (that works as well as the product.)

It looks sweet as a nut

We spent months designing the Mr Hawke box. After all what's the point of making the best product in the world if it looks average?

What Mr Hawke isn't:

  • A product for guys who think wax from the supermarket is good enough.
  • A product for guys who don't care how things look, function and feel.
  • The product you used in high school. Seriously, why?

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