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“In the beginning I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of. So I decided to build it myself.” Ferry Porsche.

The recent release of the 911 Speedster from German supercar giants Porsche to commemorate their 70th anniversary, got us thinking.

It’s the 70 year commitment to an idea, that to us at least, makes Porsche Awesome. That commitment to refinement, to patience and to nostalgia is a true point of difference amongst the Car Industry. It’s no mean feat to bet the future of a company on this as your source of innovation and growth.

This pedigree makes them the enthusiasts dream – abundant parts, stable pricing and good support. Car clubs for exist the world over, with dedicated professional and amateur race series existing in just about every country across the globe.

To many however, the Porsche brand name has a history of polarisation, creating a somewhat love-it or loathe-it mentality amongst those interested in cars. The basic shape of Porsche’s over the past 70 years may not have changed dramatically, nor have they introduced countless models to their range. To some however, this is the source of frustration, leading to labels such as ‘boring’ and ‘lazy’ being bandied around.

One thing’s for certain – you don’t have to go far on your daily drive to see a Porsche. They are undeniably popular and collectible with older models selling for eye watering amounts – examples of cars selling for $3 million plus are plentiful.

Awesome Points

  1. In 1948, the original founder of the company created his first car because he could find anything else out there that he wanted to drive. He also designed the VW Beetle in 1934 under commission from Adolf Hitler – we’ll let that one slide for now.
  2. The Porsche 911 has only received 5 design updates in the 40 years it has been on sale. How about that for commitment!
  3. Buy a new Porsche and you can get it custom painted in literally any colour you can find or imagine.
  4. A Porsche 959 once won the Paris to Dakar Rally – notoriously the toughest motor race on earth.The car beat race-prepped trucks and a legion of hardcore off-roaders.
  5. From Tom Cruise to Rihanna, Lindsey Lohan to Bill Gates. You name them, they own a Porsche. Porsche’s and Celebs across the globe go hand in hand.
  6. While their car consistency is legendary, the brand has dabbled in a whole host of other areas – not least watches, motorbikes, shoes, barbeques, aeroplanes, tractors and forklifts. Interesting.
  7. Porsche is constantly at the cutting edge of safety and innovation. Which makes sense given their constant drive for refinement of whats already in front of them – they were the first to sell cars with airbags as standard, amongst the first to launch performance-hybrids,
  8. Porsche cars have won more recognised and registered races than any other named manufacturer out there. They’re fast closing in on 30,000 race wins…

Main pic credit – RM Sotheby’s

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