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Aviators give them a close run, and indeed they deserve their own Awesome article at some point, but hands down our most awesome and therefore favourite pair of sunnies are the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer (personally in tortoise shell, but black also rocks). As trends have faded in and out, the Wayfarer has maintained a constant presence. It’s been emulated by pretty much every sunglass brand but for those who appreciate style, design and functionality there’s no going past the Original.

Awesome Points

  1. Tech Advanced > Back in 1956, when Wayfarer’s were launched they were one of the first sunglasses to innovate by moving away from metal to moulded plastic.

  2. Mid Century Design > The clean lines, subtle curves, and understated details reflected the thoughtful minimalism of mid-century U.S. design. Indeed the Wayfarer’s were designed from the outset to be a mid-century classic (as recognisable as Eames chairs and Cadillac tail fins).

  3. Suits you, and everyone else > Wayfarers have got to be one of the only styles of sunnies available, which work for pretty much every kind of face shape. It simply doesn’t matter whether you’ve got an oval, round, diamond or heart shaped face, wayfarers always look great.

  4. Versatility perfected > Guys, Girls, Beach, Bar, Black Tie, is there anything the Wayfarer can’t rock.

  5. An Iconic Icon> it’s almost as case of who hasn’t rocked Wayfarers. From music, Dylan, Lennon, Bruno Mars, Beyonce (and a list too long to mention), through movies Tom Cruise in Risky Business, The Blues Brothers, DiCaprio in the Wolf of Wall St, to billionaire Facebook founders they’re seemingly the most famously worn & iconic pair of sunnies ever made.

  6. Timeless > there’s been small improvements over the 60+ years since the Wayfarers first launched, but the core of the design is essentially the same. There’s a lesson in never messing with a classic.

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Awesome Images – Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Tom Cruise – Risky Business
Photo: Paramount Pictures

Mark Zuckerberg


Blues Brothers
Photo: Atlantic Records

Jude Law
Photo: Alan Davidson

Bruno Mars – Grenade
Photo: Atlantic Records

Written by Sam Smith. Article first published on December 29, 2017. Return to the Hawke Guide ›

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