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One of our first and most enduring loves, if not obsessions, is watches. Over the past year in an effort to simplify we’ve been searching for that everyday watch that is comfortable, reliable, versatile and stylish. And ideally it wouldn’t cost more than a small car.

Days of searching, and literally thousands of options later we arrived at the Seiko SBDX001 Marine Master 300m, or simply the MM300.

Awesome Points

  1. It’s bad ass > this is a real divers watch and it demands respect for it.

  2. It's versatile > 

    Serious diving √

    Golf with the boys √

    Work √

    Black tie dinner √

  3. It’s delivers bang for your buck > at less than $3k the MM300 is definitely less than a small car (unless you’re buying a beat up 20 year old Hyundai Excel). And we’re reliably informed if you happen to be in Japan anytime soon that price drops significantly.

  4. It’s stealth > this is the ultimate watch for guys not only want form and function, but also one that says f’you to many of the more expensive swiss diving watches (which essentially copy it’s features with worse movements, after all Seiko have been making divers for 50+ years)

  5. It’s monobloc > meaning the case consists of only two parts rather than the typical three. Exciting. Not overly. But if form & function are important to you then it’s interesting. And if you’re a diver even more so as it means a helium escape valve isn’t required.

Awesome Images – Seiko MM300

MM300 on Rubber Waffle

MM300 Monobloc Case Back

MM300 on Nato

Written by the_hawkeman. Article first published on October 23, 2017. Return to the Hawke Guide ›

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