Classic Style: Short Back & Sides

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Growing up in Western Sydney, my barber had a little of the Henry Ford’s about him – you could ask for any style you wanted as long as it was a short back and sides. I resented it.

What I failed to realize was the reason the short back and sides, or the SB’N’S as one of the crew calls it, has been one of the most popular men’s hairstyles forever: versatility. Whether it’s a fade, tapered or undercut with the top left longer to be slicked back, textured, coiffed into a quiff or even tamed into a ‘man bun’, this look is flexible enough to suit almost any style.

How to Style it:

Ask your Barber to cut high and tight at the sides and the back, but to the leave the top long enough to play around with especially toward the front and fringe. Then choose the style look you’re after. The SB’N’S is the Swiss army knife of Men’s Haircuts, so have a bit of fun with it, knowing you can change it up again the next day if you like.

When it comes to maintaining the SB’N’S it couldn’t really be simpler. Grab a decent comb and some quality hair product (and a blow dryer if you’re planning a Quiff).

Who’s it suit?

Short Answer: pretty much everyone.

Better Answer: The SB’N’S strength is that it suits many face shapes and hair types. It does however excel for men with round faces, as it helps elongate the face and help emphasize the jawline, giving more definition and a more of a square look.

Best Hair Type

As this is such a versatile hairstyle it really suits a range of hair types, allowing the everyone from the thick haired to the thin haired men to pull it off. Even if you have unruly hair, this will work wonders as it’ll keep everything neat and tidy. The secret is to work with what you have, so if you’ve been blessed with curly locks or thick hair then use this to your advantage.

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Written by the_hawkeman. Article first published on March 15, 2018. Return to the Hawke Guide ›

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