Embracing The Grey

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It’s enough to strike fear in the hearts of men everywhere. One morning you’re getting ready for work and you spot a grey hair or two protruding from your once youthful looking scalp. A flurry of negative thoughts race through your mind: “my best years are behind me”, “I’m not as young as I used to be” etc. But with numerous studies* showing women find men with grey hair appealing / attractive / sexy, the look of experience and sophistication it offers and terms like ‘silver fox’ being bandied around it’s time to embrace your greying hair rather that fear it. Saying that, it’s not enough just to sit back and let Father Time do all the work and think your silver locks will have friends comparing you to Clooney overnight. Just like any other hair type or colour getting the look that suits you requires some work. So, if you want to be bestowed with the silver fox moniker you’ll need to use the right products, talk to your Barber about getting a cut that suits and resist the temptation urge to get a dodgy dye job. Maintaining the best look once you go grey does not require a complete overhaul your approach to grooming, just a few simple changes to your routine:
  • Firstly investing in a silver shampoo or brightening shampoo should be your first port of call. Your new steel locks contain little pigment in each strand which can cause it to give off a yellow or brassy hue. Fun Fact: Silver/ brightening shampoos are usually purple, as the purple pigment is absorbed into the hair and offsets the yellow or brassy tone (purple being opposite yellow on the colour wheel).
  • Another way you can help embrace your new silver style is at your next appointment with your barber. Shorter style haircuts work best for grey hair and lend themselves to the more sophisticated look you want to aim for. When hair goes grey it becomes wiry so when it grows too long it can become stringy and messy and give you a disheveled look. Simply ask your barber to use scissors all over rather than clippers, you don’t want the typical short back and sides but some length to play around with.
  • Now that you have a shorter more manageable style it’s time to apply products to achieve your desired style. A product with a medium to firm hold will work best for wiry silver hair and avoid oily products what will leave your hair shiny. We’re biased but we know Mr Hawke does a great job keeping hair in place and looking thick and strong while avoiding the brassy/ yellow hue.
So when you first spot those sneaky grey strands, don’t panic, reflect on the sexiness of the silver fox, and follow these simple grooming tweaks and tips and you’ll soon realise every cloud has a “silver” lining (yep we went there). And don’t forget you’re gonna need a good pomade (and we have just the one here)

Silver Fox Rollcall

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*Studies: Main Image Credit: Getty

Written by Matt H. Article first published on November 27, 2017. Return to the Hawke Guide ›

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