Hawke Hair Digest – Vol 1

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Part inspiration, part fascination, part necessity. We pull together styles of the future that you can rock today. We expect to do this regularly, but that will depend on the reaction to Vol 1. If people like it, happy days, if not then we’ll find another way to feed our appetite.

From short aggressive cuts through to the flowing locks of Dev & Bradley these are some of the latest looks that Mr Hawke would make even better.

Ryan Gosling (short back and sides with attitude)
Photo: Bladerunner

Chris Hemmsworth (short to mid)

Sam Elliot (Short sides with Longer Top & rocking the grey)

Bradley Cooper & Dev Patel above (Long Flowing)

*The guys we pick may be famous, or they may be mates of ours. We had briefly considered doing the guys on the street thing but quickly realised that sucked for all involved. We then debated whether guys in the pub worked, but again as that would encompass some bloody weird conversations so we decided to skip it as well.

Main Image Credit: Fiorenzo Nisi

Written by Sam Smith. Article first published on October 21, 2017. Return to the Hawke Guide ›

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