Tom Hardy on Style

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Photo: Esquire

So OK Tom can be extreme. And personally we’ve never felt as strongly about our collective beards. But we love the underlying point. That is, don’t ask me to be something I’m not. If I choose to do x, or go to y or indeed be a show pony then that’s cool, because it’s my choice and I own that but don’t ask me to do it for your gain.

And when it comes to style how can you not love someone who uses somnambulant, prick and fuck in the same breath i.e. Tom on style from GQ in 2014:

“Style, I think, is panache. Who are you? What did you do today? And what are you worth to me? What do you have to offer the world? How did you spend your time today on this planet? How are you spending your time every second? What are you doing now? Are you alive, or are you somnambulant? If you are somnambulant, then you are a fucking prick. Style is your ability to be awake. But who the fuck am I to judge? I’m starting to get really arrogant.”

Main Image Credit: 2015 Getty Images

Written by Sam Smith. Article first published on October 27, 2017. Return to the Hawke Guide ›

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