How to style a quiff (and make it last)

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Elvis started it. James Dean owned it. And now, the quiff is being coiffed by both today’s leading men and style Messieurs alike (think Clooney and Becks).

With so many original cool-guys rocking the ‘do in recent decades, it’s no surprise that the more style-savvy gents (yep, that’s you) want to take on the quiff and make it their very own.

And it doesn’t have to be that hard.

Just some forward planning and the right pomade will get that fringe at just the right height, and so it stays – all day and all night. Here’s a four-step guide to styling a quiff, quick and swift.

David Beckham – Longer Quiff Elvis – Quiff (bordering) Pompadour

1. The Haircut

The cut is the foundation for quiff. Too long on top and you’ll literally need concrete to hold that hair up; too short and you won’t have enough length to create the flowy height needed to achieve the classic look.

Ask your barber for a short-back-and-sides cut, no fade and not too short on the sides (this isn’t the army, soldier). Basically, you want enough length to tuck the hair behind the ears neatly.

2. The Tools

Like any ‘job’, you’re gonna need the right ‘tools’. For the quiff, that’s a hairdryer and a round brush, which together, give you that quiff-roundness.

With the air of the dryer, both will create that height and hold you’re after, ready for pomade – the last key ingredient in the mix – to be worked along your scalp and through your hair with your fingers. Hold that thought for now…

3. The Styling

Towel-dry the hair fairly well. Take the dryer, and working in an upward angle, blow the hair back and away from the face. As you do, hook the brush near the root of your hair and brush up from the front of your fringe, creating tension as you do, raising the hair in a stand-up-like position. You’ll be drying the hair at the same time, following the brush movement as you do.

Directing the airflow through the vents in the brush and onto the hair, keeping it approximately 3cm from the brush to avoid overheating your hair.

Continue across each section at the front of the hair, forming the desired quiff shape, till you’re looking like a rock star. And, just a guy with cool hair.

4. The Product

Back to hair products. You’re gonna need a good pomade (and we have just the one here).

Less is more, so start small, using your fingernail to scoop out some of the product (or a thumb for longer hair or if you want more hold).

The texture of Mr Hawke means it’s easy to spread onto your fingertips. Then simply run your fingers across the scalp and through the hair. To be honest most advice you Our Flex pomade actually has ingredients which help clean the scalp and encourage hair growth too (a dream, we know…)

Now, ditch the round brush for a mid-width-tooth comb, to add some definition in the shape of the quiff. If Now, set your creation in place with some hold spray, but lightly does it. Hair that cracks at the touch of a finger isn’t pretty. Or very James Dean.

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Written by Ben F. Article first published on November 10, 2017. Return to the Hawke Guide ›

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