Is It Safe To Visit My Barber?

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Hairdressers and barbers were deemed an essential service during COVID-19, but many voluntarily closed their doors. This of course led to the question, is it safe to go to the barber?

The short answer is yes. The slightly longer answer is yes, but you should still take precautions (and behave like a rationale, sane human male).

Social Distancing

Your barber should be taking social distancing rules into account. This typically means a limit on how many people they have in their salon and that barber chairs need to be positioned a certain distance apart. Some larger barbers have closed every second chair to ensure this. The onus is also on you, as the customer, to maintain social distancing and hygiene practices on your way to and from your barber.

What Other Measures Have Been Taken?

Most barbers already have strict hygiene and disinfection protocols. As well as typically stepping these up, you’re likely to see a decrease in high-contact items. Say goodbye to magazines and waiting areas. You’re also more likely to see your barber donning gloves and masks (and they should be changing these between every client).

So Can I Go To The Barber Now?

Legally you always could. Your barber may have shut down voluntarily, but it is still at your discretion if you would like to go in for a trim. This is, of course, assuming you have no symptoms. If you experience a fever, coughing, sore throat or any other symptoms outlined by the Government, it is crucial you stay home. Here in Australia we’ve been lucky and we’re well ahead of the curve in regards to COVID-19. Chances of contracting the disease are slim, but of course not impossible. If you feel comfortable going to your local coffee shop for takeaway, or to the shops, there is no extenuating reason that makes a trip to the barber any more risky than this. We’re not going to say, run to your barber because all our ‘rona fears and woes are over. We will say:
  1. Evaluate what your day to day looks like – do you need a cut or can you freshen up at home
  2. Observe good health practices
  3. Follow the government advice – we know it’s a little big brother but better safe than sorry; and
  4. Ask yourself if you feel any more uncomfortable going to the barber than you would doing anything else you typically do in a day. This ones personal.
  5. If you’re still not sure – worth reading our article, ‘Hair Maintenance & COVID-19’ before attempting the at-home cut.
Stay safe out there!!!

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Written by Matt H. Article first published on May 31, 2020. Return to the Hawke Guide ›

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