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Guys visit their barbers every three to six weeks, on average. Of course, with Covid19 we definitely aren’t in average times, but that doesn’t mean you can’t maintain your hair at home. If you’re not keen to jump on the cut du jour and give yourself a home buzz cut, it’s worth getting familiar with some simple home hair maintenance tips.

What should I do with my hair for video calls?

When “just keep video off” isn’t an option and you still need to look presentable, remember you don’t have to go overboard. Styling your hair with a comb when it is wet and letting it air-dry is one of the best ways to style it. To help preserve your hair styling products just style the front of your hair as that’s all that will be in shot.

How often should I be washing my hair?

A lot of this will depend on your hair type – dry, oily, thick, fine etc. However, your scalp produces incredible natural oils that are designed to keep your hair healthy. Typically, we may be prone to wash our hair more often to avoid this oily build up. But we can use more home time to allow our hair to get a little greasy (you’re not risking getting any side-eyes in the office). These natural oils bring back moisture to your hair and keep it fresh. And in proof that laziness can be rewarded, by washing your hair less, you’ll avoid drying out your scalp and hair itself. Win win.

Should I cut my own hair?

So your hair is getting a bit longer than you’d like, maybe you’re even heading into mini man-bun territory? Cutting your own hair can be tempting, but it’s also pretty bloody risky. If your hair is frustrating you, always opt for styling before attempting to cut it at home. Just ask Brooks Keopka who’s home cut set sections of the internet on fire…for the wrong reasons. But we’re not ones to judge so if you’re willing to risk it, keep the following in mind:
  • Your kitchen scissors aren’t the same as a pair of barber’s scissors. So they won’t produce the same effect if you’re hacking into your mane.
  • Typically, the most noticeable elements of a men’s haircut that need trimming are around the ears and neck. Ideally, use a beard trimmer on these areas and follow the natural curvature of your hair.
  • The back of your neck is tricky – short of a complicated mirror setup! As you can’t easily see what you’re doing the risk of cutting too high above your natural hairline is high. If you’re isolating with someone else, we’d strongly recommend you rope in the extra hands to help with this part. We can’t guarantee that it’ll help, just ask Brooks, but it’s a better bet

A Final thought on Hair Maintenance & Covid 19

We may not be getting out as much, our social lives aren’t social, but that doesn’t mean we have to throw everything out the window. Keeping your routine – waking up at the same time, exercising, getting ready for the day etc – is important for our physical and mental health. And vanity aside, when we look good we feel good.

Not only does Mr. Hawke worldwide (and yep we’re still delivering) but we’ll keep you looking fresh for your Zoom meetings and beyond – hair pomade shelf life is a cool 36 months! Added bonus, Mr Hawke is designed with hair health in mind! We’ve included plenty of fancy ingredients to promote hair strength and stimulate healthy cell production on your scalp. So inserting our pitch if you’re keen for some styling help or to simply treat yourself, you could do worse that giving Mr Hawke Flex Pomade a shot.

Oh, and when you next see your barber, you can tell him to thank us.

Written by Sam Smith. Article first published on May 2, 2020. Return to the Hawke Guide ›

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