Hairline beating a strategic retreat?

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It happens! One day you’re running your fingers through your thick luscious locks the next your yanking out one too many clumps of hair from your bathroom drain. Whatever the cause at some point most of us have to deal with our follicles thinning out (or slowly but surely creeping into obscurity). It’s a fact of life but rather than reach for that bottle of hair tonic or fork over your hard earned cash like Warnie remember that there are other options to gracefully embrace your thinning hair and even make it work in your favour.

Opportunities Abound

Rather than seeing your thinning hair as a negative look at it as an exciting new opportunity to change up your style and rock a new hairstyle. There are several style options that work for thinning hair and you should discuss them with your barber to get the one that works best for you. There’s only one hard and fast rule: under no circumstance go with a combover! Ask Donald, it’s just not worth it.

If you’re feeling brave you can channel your inner badass by rocking a Buzz Cut, famously embraced by action star Jason Statham or even the clean shaven option. Either option tells the world you’ve accepted your disappearing follicles and are confident with your appearance. And the plus side is there is very little maintenance, but be sure to slap some sunscreen on your dome from now on.

If you’re still attached to the idea of you or your significant other running their fingers through your hair then the short crop is the best option for you. This hairstyle leaves you with length all over so you’ve still got some hair to play around with. Just ask your barber to cut your hair with scissors all over to leave some length in your hair, giving your follicles the appearance of fullness and helping to cover up any bare patches.

Products make a world of Difference

When it comes to styling thinning hair it’s important to use the right products and use them correctly to provide volume and reduce the visibility of fine hair. Always use a lighter or flexible styling product to avoid product build up (which will weigh down the hair), and ideally find a product that helps thicken and regrow hair. Funnily enough MrHawke’s Flex pomade ticks all these boxes (and a few more on the way incl. a bespoke scent, the ability to be restyled, and the fact it helps clean your hair). Simply work our Flex Pomade through your hair from front to back and onto the scalp using your palms and fingertips, then simply blow dry your hair to provide volume, effectively hiding any visible thinning or balding areas.

So, rather than panicking and littering your neighbourhood with “Lost, if found..” posters or buying the latest “miracle cure” when you begin to notice a receding hairline simply get the right haircut, use the right products and style it in a way that makes you look your best and tells the world you’re confident in your new look.

Written by Matt H. Article first published on January 25, 2018. Return to the Hawke Guide ›

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